Energy Efficient loan with NO monthly payments!

Yes, that’s right, no monthly payments. You can get an energy efficient loan for Solar, heating and air conditioning systems, attic and wall insulation, windows and several other energy efficient improvements. 

The criteria for this loan is pretty straight forward. You must be the property owner, current on your mortgage, current on your property taxes and not had a Bankruptcy within 5 years. There is no credit check required. No monthly payments as the payments are due when you pay your property taxes. You can get 10, 15, 20, and even 30 year loan payments depending on the life of the improvement. This loan does not need to be paid off if you sell your property as it goes with the property.

Locally only Placer County is doing this type of loan, but the other counties are looking into possibly starting it too. The web site for more information is

This is a great program if you plan on staying in your current home and want to remodel or if you are thinking of selling an older property but don’t have the cash to upgrade the property with energy efficient improvements.

Playing it safe

Do you feel as though your entire home has been invaded by toys? If so, then it’s probably time to think about creating a dedicated playroom. But to create a space where your children or grandchildren can play without constant supervision, you need to think safety first.

Start by doing a “crawl-through” of the room you plan to use, keeping an eye out for sharp edges, electrical cords and uncovered outlets. If you find these hazards, purchase rubber edges, outlet covers and cord keeping devices. Push on the furniture, including bookcases, shelves, tables and chairs to check for stability. Secure items that seem unsteady  by bolting them to the wall or remove them from this room. If the playroom is on the second floor place any thing a child can climb on like kitchen sets and drawing tables away from windows to minimize the risk of a fall. Make sure that the toys are accessible to kids. Keep toys off high shelves or in plastic storage bins with lids that snap close. Put them in storage containers that are easily accessible by the kids.

If you are starting a room from scratch, think about materials you use to furnish the room. Cork is great for floors because it is hypoallergenic and can withstand moisture from the inevitable spills. Cotton fabrics are a good choice because they clean up easily and are better for children with allergies.

Once you have a dedicated playroom the kids will love it and so will you!

Five Fall Home Improvement tips

1. Windows and door replacement:

Based on the age of your windows and doors, consider replacing as many as you can afford for the highest energy efficiency benefit.

2. Fireplace and chimney inspection and cleaning:

Make sure both are working properly before you need to use them. Call a chimney cleaning company to come clean the chimney. It usually costs around $100 and is well worth it.

3. Attic and ceiling insulation:

Use foam insulation to seal the gaps under your regular insulation. Be safe when handling these products or you can do like my husband always says, “Call the guy” There is a guy for everything, all you have to do is call him.

4. Gutter cleaning and replacement:

Gutters that are not working properly can cause interior damage. The water can back up and cause interior leaks at the roof line.

5. Roof repair and replacement:

Inspect and repair the roof to keep trouble spots from becoming an issue during the winter months. Call a roofer every other year to come and inspect and repair any roofing issues. It is not usually very expensive and can actually save you money in the long run.