Adventures of a Real Estate Agent

Most people think Realtors don’t do too much for their money and just put a sign in their yard or fill out some paperwork and get paid thousands of dollars. So, I wanted to start an article entitled “Adventures of a Real Estate Agent” I will have some funny and some not so funny stories of the real life things that have happened over the years.  I hope you enjoy them. Well, here we go.

Last week I received a phone call from the buyer’s agent on a rural property that we have listed way out in the country in Sutter County. The buyer’s agent told me that his buyer had called him and told him that there was someone with a truck at my listing “just cleaning out the place” His buyer was very concerned that by the time escrow closed in two weeks all they would be buying would be the shell of a home, with no appliances or anything else.

Well, of course my husband Steve was playing golf all day, and just walked in the door as I am getting off the phone with this agent. I tell my husand all about it and tell him to drive out there and check it out! Now, my studly husband is 66 years old and weighs about 150 lbs. Don’t get me wrong he is my hero, but if he were to come up to a group of young muscular guys I don’t think he would be able to do much physically. So, off he goes as fast as he can to our rural listing. His parting words were “Call the police” .  So, I call the 411 to get the phone number for the Sutter County Sherriffs.  I call the number and it rings and rings. Must be the main office number. So, I call 411 back and tell them I need a different number. They give me that number and I call and the same thing. Ok, now what? I call 911. She says “What’s your emergency” and I give her the 3 second story and tell her I need the number to the Sutter County Sherrif Department. She gives me the number. I call and get someone right away. I tell the lady all about it and tell her my 66 year old husband is on his way out there and she wants to know what kind of car he drives. So I give her all the information. She says she will send someone out there as soon as she can.  No guarantee when. Ok, I say and hang up.

In the meantime I call my husband and tell him the sherriffs are going to check it out and to be careful. My parting words, “I Love you honey, be careful. Call me when you get there” I guess I figure if he is on the phone with me and he walks into a bad situation he will be safer.

Well, he calls me when he pulls into the mile long driveway out in the middle of nowhere of our listing and almost immediately behind him are 3 count em 3 Sutter County Sherrif cars! The Sherrifs went into the properties first and checked them out. No one was there at the moment but they had been there. The property was still in good shape, they hadn’t destroyed anything or removed anything,  just made themselves some lunch and used the bathroom facilities. If you an believe that.

My husband thanked them all for coming out there and helping him check everything out. They said they would do a drive by every once in a while when they could.  The sheriff tells Steve, “Hey you look pretty good for a 66 year old.”

So, thanks to the Sutter County Sheriffs, my studly husband saves the day once again. Gotta love that man!

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