I hate exercise! I found a way to make it FUN!

I absolutely hate to exercise! It is so boring! I have found a way to make exercise FUN! Yes, believe it or not it’s true, fun exercise.

I have joined 24 Hour fitness and they have these really cool classes every day at all different times during the day. They have an aqua class, yoga, 24 cycle, turbo kick boxing, pilates, zumba, hip hop dance and more!  They are really fun and when you exercise as a group you have to keep up with the class. You can’t quit! The group dynamic is really something. Every one has a good time and gets in some exercise too! Some classes are easy and some are really challenging.

So, if you hate to exercise but know you have to do it check out 24 Hour Fitness. It is really affordable and the classes are fun! Go to http://www.24HourFitness.com and check it out. You can even join and go to any of the clubs.

You know you should do it! Give it a try you will love it!