First Time Buyer frustration!

One of my clients asked me,  “Ok, what do I have to do to buy a house in this market? ” We have been looking at homes that are priced under $140,000 in Sacramento and making offers over asking prices and not getting accepted. This first time buyer is an FHA buyer that needs credits from the Seller for closing costs.

Some of the homes we have looked at do not qualify for FHA financing as the appliances are missing, the air conditioner is missing or the property is just too damaged. Then we see other homes that are beautiful! The kitchens have been recently upgraded and the paint and carpet are all new. The majority of these homes are not eligible for FHA financing for 90 days as the current owner just purchased the home and has fixed it up and is now reselling it at a profit.

What I explained to my client is in this market, the first time home buyers and the investors are competing for the same homes. If a Seller receives an offer of all cash, close in 10 days or an FHA first time home buyer close in 30 days, requesting funds back for closing costs, typically the Seller will select the all cash offer. So, it is not always the price but also the terms of the offer that make the difference.   

So, if you can reduce the amount of credits for closing costs, be ready for a quick close and offer a fair price, you will get that dream home eventually. The first time home buyer is making approximately 25 or more offers before getting an offer accepted.

 So hang in there and don’t get discouraged. There is a reason for everything. You will eventually get an offer accepted on a dream home for you and your family!