What does a Realtor do besides open the door?

Have you ever wondered what a Realtor does when you are buying a home besides open the door so you can see the property? Well, here is a list, and by all means it is not a complete list, but it will give you a good idea of what goes on behind the scenes.

1. Set up a search on MLS for you according to your needs and price criteria.

2. Review the MLS daily to see if any new listings come up and email them to you to see if you would be interested in seeing any of the properties.

3. Recommend a lender to you if you do not already have one so you can get get pre-approved and know exactly what your monthly payment will be and what down payment is required for you to purchase a home.

4. Show you properties according to your specifications. Also point out any defects in the property or bring to your attention any issues in the neighborhood.  Many times all a property needs is carpet and paint, you can fix that, but your sure can’t fix a neighborhood.

5. When you see a property you like in a neighborhood your like, write up the offer and submit the offer to the listing agent along with your preapproval letter and a copy of your earnest money deposit check.

6. Follow up with the listing agent via email and phone to obtain the status of your offer.

7. Once your offer is accepted, then deposit your earnest money deposit check with the title company.

8. Provide the title company, your lender and the appraiser copies of the Offer.

9. Set up the home inspection, termite inspection and any other inspection you may request and be at these inspections. Obtain the disclosure reports from the listing agent, review them with you and bring any items to your attention that may be important.

10. Review all of the home inspection, termite inspection and any other inspection reports. Draft a Repair Request Addendum for the Seller to fix any major items that may be important to you or assist you in obtaining estimates from different vendors to see what the costs are for you to fix these items if the Seller is unwilling to fix any items.

11. Work with the lender and title company and follow up weekly to see if any items or documents are outstanding and check the status of the loan.

12. Once the loan is approved and loan documents are sent to title, review the loan documents and the estimated closing statement from the title company for accuracy and advise you of place and time of signing and the amount of money to bring in.

13. Meet with you at the title company when you are signing the loan documents to answer any questions you may have and once again to check for accuracy.

14. Do the final walk through of the propety to confirm the requested repairs have been completed and to see that the property is in the same condition as when you purchased it.

15. Follow up with the title company to have your loan funded and recorded!

16 Once the loan is recorded (aka close of escrow) then meet with you at the property to give you the keys to your new home! 

Best of luck in your new home!

7 thoughts on “What does a Realtor do besides open the door?”

  1. Scarlett Justice

    First, please accept my sincere condolences for the loss of your parents. It is difficult to loose your parents and then deal with all the financial matters that follow.
    In answer to your question about a lien on title. The title company that is handling the transaction for you and your sister will be able to provide you a copy of the lien, if there is one, and advise you on how to clear the lien. That is the title companies job, to issue title insurance that guarantees when property transfers that the title is clear. If you are not getting answers to your questions or are unable to provide whatever documentation the title company requires you should contact a Real Estate Attorney, so he can assist you. Hopefully, you will not have to go this route but sometimes it is necessary.

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